10x The Most Beautiful Cinemas in the World

Going to the cinema is always a party. Watching exciting or romantic films and crawling away in soft red chairs with a huge bowl of popcorn. Isn’t it nice? A cinema visit becomes even more fun in one of these cinemas. Watching the big screen from a boat, lying in a bed or floating in a hot tub.
We found the 10 most beautiful cinemas in the world. Where would you like to watch a film?

  1. Pathé Tuschinski – Amsterdam
    One of the most beautiful cinemas in the world is located in Amsterdam: Pathé Tuschinski. Right in the centre of our capital city, you will find this old theatre converted into a cinema. You can see all kinds of beautiful things in the lobby and once you walk into the theatre, it’s hard to keep your eyes on the screen. We definitely recommend a night at this cinema!
  2. Sci-fi Dine-in Theatre in Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Orlando
    A bigger party does not exist, with the family to Walt Disney World! In the Sci-Fi Dine-in Theatre you can eat from the comfort of a car and watch a film at the same time. Do you see yourself already sitting in a big old sled?
  3. Cineteca del Madrid – Madrid
    Okay, you are probably not going to Madrid specifically to go to the cinema, but if you are there anyway you might as well pay a visit to Cineteca de el Matadero. An old slaughterhouse has been transformed into a cinema. And what a cinema it is!
  4. Urania National Film Theatre – Budapest
    This is not just a cinema, this is a film theatre. Urania was built in 1880 as a music and dance hall and was first used as a cinema nine years later. Many film festivals and cultural events take place here every year. You can find the cinema in Budapest.
  5. Movie Theater – Paris
    If you want to watch a movie in this cinema in Paris, you will need a life jacket. You watch the film from a boat floating on the water. Not a drive-in but a float-in actually.
  6. Hot Tub Cinema – London
    During a weekend in London, a visit to the cinema is a great idea. There is nothing strange about that, but it becomes strange when you are only welcome in swimming costumes. That is the case here, because you can watch a film from an inflatable hot tub. The hot tub cinema is now available in many UK cities, and occasionally in the Netherlands too!
  7. Fox Theatre – Detroit
    If you are in Detroit, it is definitely worthwhile to visit the Fox Theatre. This immensely larger theatre has room for no less than 5000 people!
  8. Museum Lichtspiele – Munich
    This special museum is one of the two oldest cinemas in Munich and opened its doors in 1910. Where it was first a dance and theatre hall, later a cinema was added. Besides the weekly Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Museum Lichtspiele often shows lesser known films and films in the original language (which is quite unusual in Germany).
  9. Electric Cinema – London
    Watching a film in a real loveseat? Then you have to go to Electric Cinema in London! Here you will find huge beds (or big chairs) on the first row where you can relax while watching the screen. Enjoy!
  10. Service cinema Hollywoud – Almkerk
    Hollywoud in Almkerk, Brabant is a service cinema. The name says it all: during the film you are waited on hand and foot. Snacks and drinks can be ordered from your easy chair at the push of a button.

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