10 Tips for Taking Better Pictures With Your Mobile Phone

Photos are much more than a simple still image. They capture special or everyday events and feelings and remind you of them every time you look at the picture. Flip through an old photo album and you are immediately transported back to that wonderful holiday on the GR 20 Trail, cozy days with friends and family, and other special moments that you might have forgotten. It doesn’t take long to take a picture and then you can enjoy it for years to come. Take a few photos during a walk or a bike ride in the open air to capture the beauty of nature forever, as you have seen in the Tour du Mont Blanc Accommodation. All you need to get some great shots is your phone camera. Make use of the tips below and you will be taking the most beautiful photos with your iPhone or Android phone in no time.

  1. Clean your lens
    Wipe all the dirt and fingerprints off your lens before you take a picture with your mobile phone. Without dust on your camera lens, you’ll take much sharper pictures. The first step in the right direction.
  2. Tap the screen to focus the image
    Your phone’s camera will usually focus on the closest object, but sometimes you may want to focus on a different point. Tap the screen where you want to focus, and the image adjusts automatically.
  3. Don’t zoom with digital zoom
    Most phones have a digital zoom, but it’s best not to use it to zoom in. They only magnify the image instead of actually zooming in on the subject. This makes the photo grainy and that makes a photo much less beautiful. Choose to move closer to the subject yourself instead of zooming in.
  4. Keep your phone straight
    Make sure the horizon is always straight in your photo. A crooked photo can sometimes have a nice effect, but only do this for photos where the horizon is not shown. Otherwise the photo will be too restless.
  5. Make sure you have good lighting
    Light is very important if you want to take good photos. It is almost impossible to take good photos with a mobile phone in the dark and even on grey winter days you can forget about taking good photos. So make use of sunny, bright days. When the sun has just risen in the morning or just before sunset, you can take the best photos. If you take photos indoors, it is important to take photos with the light in your back. That gives the best effect. When you are outside, it can sometimes be nice to take photos while looking at the sun. Just experiment with that.
  6. Get to know the functions of your camera
    Some phones have special functions with their cameras. For example, some phones allow you to adjust the camera’s white balance. Explore all the features of your camera by searching for information online, reading the manual or just trying some. Once you know all the features, it is much easier to get great results.
  7. Turn off the flash
    If you want to take a nice picture, it is better to turn off the flash of your camera. Photos in the dark do not become very bright, even when you use the flash. Rather take photos in a light environment during the day without flash.
  8. Use a photo editing app
    Experiment with different photo editing apps. Free apps like VSCO cam, Instagram and Afterlight are perfect for playing around with. Try out different effects and make your photos even more beautiful than they already were.
  9. Hold your phone steady
    It seems so simple, but many photos are ruined by shaking. Try to hold your phone as still as possible when taking a picture. Hold your phone with two hands and keep your arms close to your body. This way you can hold the phone steady.
  10. Practice, practice, practice
    Of course, the most important tip is to keep practising. After all, that is the way to become good at something. Take photos on your walks and bike rides, record everything in your house, take photos of your family and friends and so on.

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